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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finnegan, begin again...

So this week I resumed writing my novel "A Life On Fire". I stopped writing on July 13. I know this because that is the last upload to my Google Docs backup. I was feeling in a real funk about the book and writing in general. I agonized over it for only a few days, then my little buddha told me to accept it, let it cool, take a break. So I did. I decided to take a summer hiatus.

After labor Day, I was beginning to agonize over it once again, knowing that I didn't have summertime as an excuse any longer. So on Monday, I sat at my computer and wondered where to start. I began to wander a bit, so I decided to look in here on my blog, which I also hadn't attended to all summer. There on the page were my three muses, Sylvia Beach, Natalie Goldberg and Wilma McDaniel. I could hear Nat imploring me: "Get pen and paper, go with first thoughts and WRITE!" The other two just smiled at me with the smirks of two knowing friends, as if to indicate "there's nothing more to say"!

So I did. Just like that. Just like I'd known that's what I needed to do all along.

I wrote first about why I was having negative feelings about my writings. Through that process, though I started with a foggy angst, the answers came spilling out on the page. When I'd finished this free-writing exercise, I had a clear idea of what I needed to do. Write character sketches, completely. Write in my own words what the story is about. And now it is coming to me once again. I feel refreshed, powerful and with renewed fervor for this book and where it needs to go.

I reckon I'll just keep doing that.

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  1. Unhuh, figured you weren't writing! Glad you're back on track.