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Monday, May 3, 2010

Dreams of Mexico

As poetry is once again flowing from within, I thought I'd post a series of poems I wrote some years ago about memories of my time as a teen and later as young man along the Baja coast. These are my favorites and express something deep within me.


i have dreams of mexico

being with friends

making our way

down the baja coast

stopping occasionally

from point to cove

to play in the water

and laugh like children

and hugging a woman

as we gaze out

at emerald sea

feeling her love

and her heartbeat

and the smell of her hair

molten sun

sinks to mother sea

our hearts beating slower

as our life and our love

are honored and celebrated

with the movement of our earth

around the sun

the chill of the moist sea air

drives us under the blankets

to hold each other and warm each other

we make love to the pulse of the splashing sea

water into foam at the shoreline

me into her in our bed

hard loving kiss

grasping embrace

our day has ended



nowhere to be

except here


no place else exists

only the warmth of the sun

on our sea-salted backs

a clarity of soul

our nostrils breathe in

the light moist air

as our hair dries

with the cool onshore breeze

I close my eyes

and feel it

really feel it

the sand stuck to the backs of my legs

cool drips of water run

over them

from my cold wet trunks

we are here

we shall never be here



a cliff

looking westward

on cool breezy morning

jackrabbit scrambles from brush to briar

i stand and I watch

a dozen chocolate-skinned boys

as they hold their kites

leaning in toward the sea

the smell of strong coffee

and burning driftwood

as she tends to the fire

1 comment:

  1. Mike -- There's a zen quality you capture in your poetry, the vividness of feeling the moment. I felt I was right there with you, feeling the same sensations. Really, really good. JIMC