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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mindmapping experiment....

Above is a photo of an incomplete mind map I worked on this evening. Since I've decided that my primary project will be either my memoir or a fact based fiction, I'm both chomping at the bit to dig in and a bit bewildered by the monumental task ahead. I have only had one experience with mind mapping to sort out some other writing issues and to be honest I don't think it suited me well. But considering that I might just need some additional practice at it, and feeling the need to begin sorting out my ideas (ergo the work to be accomplished) I thought I'd give it another try.

I have to say it seems more to hinder than to help. Of course I've not had any real training in mind mapping, but I have read a bit about it on several websites online and from Wiki, as well as watched several Youtube videos about it, some of which were by the alleged guru of mind mapping in the UK - Tony Buzan. It seems straightforward enough - engage the right and left brains in collaboration of tackling the organizational and artistic undertaking in order to come up with a product that is sorted out in a manageable way.

So far I'm not impressed. There is far too much info to include on even the largest size poster board I could find. Rather than helping to sort things out, I end up feeling like I am confined by the 7 rules of mind mapping and the illustration itself. It feels like perhaps the artistic side of my brain is getting in the way of my organizational side.

Shall I try it again or move on to something that may suit me better without having to learn some obtuse technique?

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