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Monday, May 3, 2010

Lesson 1 - 15 minute free writing exercise

So here is the raw, 15-minute free writing from the first writing exercise on day one of Making Writing a Happy Habit:

Make Writing A Happy Habit – Lesson 1

Free writing exercise

I write because….

I write because of several reasons. The expression of my thoughts and feelings is so satisfying! Painting a picture with my pen and seeing it flow out onto the page in a form that’s well-written is marvelous. Sometimes when I read what I’ve written I can’t believe it was me that wrote it! It gives me a mirror of a part of me that I imagine others see of me, which is sometimes startling, but often times satisfying. I have always felt an affinity for the written word, even though I was a miserable student in high school and hated any English class I was in. (I know now that it wasn’t English, nor the class that I hated, but that I was in a tumultuous time in my life and wasn’t going to like anything I was supposed to do).

I write because I feel like I have some talent for it. Of course it’s so difficult to know what that talent truly is as an observer of myself, but hopefully through exposing my writings like I will now through writing class and poetry Meetup, I can begin to get a better snapshot of what others see – positive or negative – in my writings. Then I know that it will be so important accept criticism and use it as necessary to hone my writer’s craft. And yes, it is a craft! That alone makes me happy. I have a craft. But not just any craft, a writer’s craft! I’m a writer! I know that being a writer is much different than being a published author. But I sometimes wonder – do I really want to be a published author? Or will I merely be happy writing as a hobby? I remember learning a valuable lesson in my martial arts days: what’s important is to do it. Day in and day out, without judging, without labeling my efforts. But make the effort! That is the true value of your art or your craft. Doing it. Expressing it. If I write, then I am a writer, no?

There feels like such joy and such dignity in just being a writer. And by not exposing it, there is little ego involved. At least no exchange of egos and no need to consider whether others will praise me for it (boosting my ego!).

Another reason: it makes me feel good! Even if I’m feeling like crap, or dreading the subject matter or even dreading the writing itself. Afterward I can’t think of a time when it didn’t help me in some way after I’ve written.

I write because I like to read well-written stuff. I like writers! I like to read about writers. I love those who promote writers! I like the idea that writers are a slice of humanity that comes from all walks of life. EVERYONE has something to say and the good news is, that in a free society we get to express our opinions, desires, loves, likes, dislikes, whatever!

I write because it brings me dignity and joy!


  1. This is great! I love your enthusiasm for writing. I especially like the joy and dignity of being a writer.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!